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The BE-411 is a 4-port HDMI/DVI USB KVM switcher that provides for interaction with 4 PCs using a singleMultiview screen and a Roaming mouse/keyboard. With excellent expandability, one Master BE-411 + four Slave BE-411 let the user interact with a maximum of 16 PCs.

The Multi-View feature provides simultaneously display HDMI/DVI from 4 PCs in real-time on a single monitor with full screen of Seamless-Switch, or 2x2/1+3 POP (Picture out Picture) mode.

The Roaming-Mouse feature provides the user simply moves the mouse cursor across screen borders in any direction, either horizontally or vertically, instantly selecting the PC they need to control – providing super easy-to-use KVM switching that saves time and desk space.

The BE-411 can be controlled by IR Remote Control, Front Panel Buttons, RS-232 commands, KeyboardHotkeys, or Roaming Mouse.

BE-411 Application-Single

BE-411 Application-Cascade


Package "Warranty 3 Year, 4-port HDMI Multi-Viewer USB KVM Switch with Roaming (Free-Flow) mouse"

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